Age Group: 3-5

LAMBS (Learning About My Blessed Savior)
Teachers: Donna Flory, Joseph Ramey and Sydney Glendenning
Time: Sunday Morning 9 – 10 a.m.
A lesson from the bible is taught at their level.
  • We ask questions and discuss the story, and treats are given when they answer correctly!
  • There is always a coloring page and sometimes a project related to the bible story, as well as a snack.
  • If we have time, we play music and act out the story or play a game.
  • Incentive program: The kids get a sticker by their name for each Sunday that they attend, and 5 stickers = a prize.

Age Group: 6-8

Class: Faith Builders

Teachers: Brandy Elliott and Tara Mills

Time: Sunday Morning 9 – 10 a.m.

  • Each week we learn a lesson from the Bible.
  • We work as a group to answer questions that pertain to the story and the kids are rewarded for correct answers.
  • We also do a skit or craft that goes along with the lesson to help us remember what we’ve learned.
  • We incorporate the kids in every aspect of the class. We have a daily helper who passes out the supplies and prays at the       beginning of class. We also split off into small groups to work on our lesson and we have a helper at each table for anyone who needs it.
  • We have incentives each week.  For example, a challenge to work on something at home, answering a question about last week’s lesson, or simply bringing our bible to class.  At the end of class each child gets to choose something from the prize box.


Age Group: 9-11
Class: The Scholars
Teachers: Monique Ward and Patty Mason
Time: Sunday Morning 9 – 10 a.m.
  • The scholars are an energetic and very thoughtful group. We welcome them each Sunday and generally open class by catching up on the past week events and prayer.
  • We begin each lesson with an action activity that gets them moving and introduces them to the lesson. We like to have fun while they learn to apply the word to all aspects of their daily lives.
  • We have 4 main goals that we keep in mind each Sunday as we lead the children into discussion:
    1. We encourage our scholars to take time for God.
    2. We encourage our scholars to read God’s word and pray.
    3. We encourage our scholars to obey God throughout the day.
    4. As the children grow in the grace of God, we encourage them to watch for ways to witness God’s word.
  • We believe this is a very important age group, and that Jesus has a very special love for children and so do we. We show this love every Sunday by teaching spiritual truths to children and encouraging them to develop a desire to apply the word and uncover spiritual truths in their young lives.