Youth Pastor: Brandon Hemming
Legacy Vision
To build up and develop our current students into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ!  For all of our students to experience the fullness of the Spirit in our services and in their lives.  To see lost teenagers reached, saved, and changed, all because of the ministry efforts of Legacy Youth!  I desire Legacy Youth to change the World, and to continue on the Legacy of Jesus Christ! 

Upcoming Legacy Events

Legacy Sub Sale Fundraiser Feb 4th
Parents breakfast for all Parents Feb 17th at 10 am
Snow Tubing (church wide event) Feb 19 at 11 am
Skateworld (church wide event) March 5th at 6:30 pm
Legacy Peanut Butter Egg Fundraiser March 11-18th
Tommy Bates Youth Conference April 20-21
BPYC June 18-23